Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Secret Fearless Friday!

Hi Maria,

Thank you for fearlessly engaging with us. We appreciate you
participating in Fearless Friday. We just wanted to thank you by
sending you a little something to show our appreciation. Please
provide your shipping information and we'd be more than happy to get
that out to you today!


The Secret Team

I received this email from Secret after they commented on a post I had made on "Fearless Friday", asking me to email them to tell them more about my picture.   Each Friday, Secret asks people what makes them fearless, what you do to help out your community and various other things.Here was the post from Friday, May 25th:
"Fearless Friday: Give up one day from your weekend and give back to the community. It’ll be rewarding in more ways than one! Show us a pic of what you did to make a difference!"

I posted the pic above and explained that I work with a nonprofit. I build bunny toys and send them to a friend of mine who runs a nonprofit called Baskets for Bunnies. They send supplies and toys to rabbit and small animal rescues all over the country, and soon to be in Canada as well!!  (you can also find them on Facebook here:  http://www.facebook.com/basketsforbunnies It's a wonderful organization ran by an amazing woman)
 Secret commented my post, telling me to email them and tell them more about what I do, so I did. I explained more about my favorite nonprofit and I also told them that we live 15 minutes from the beach. We make it a point to pick up all trash that we see. I always take a bag to pick up trash at "our" beach.
Here are some of the built bunny toys, still have a few more to be finished and shipped out Thursday.

I sent them my shipping info, and they will be sending me something TODAY! :)  I have a friend that did this and got clinical strength deodorant and body spray, so I'm pretty anxious to see what I'll be getting. I'll be sure to share pics of what I get! :)
Be sure to follow Secret on their facebook page and watch out for Fearless Friday!

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